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Verification of Benefits

JDS provides consistently accurate, reliable and in-depth verification of benefits services. JDS moves swiftly to provide your company with accurate information because minutes count between admitting a client, and that client going to your competition. Our dedication to your success includes providing services after hours and on weekends utilizing online portals connecting us to nearly 500 insurance companies across the country. JDS has experience in working with insurances in all 50 states as well as international policies with U.S. benefits.
Our industry leading VOB process and comprehensive VOB form asks questions before other billing companies learn of their importance. Our VOB Department stays up to date on insurance trends to ensure the most comprehensive VOB in the industry. In addition to a comprehensive VOB, we provide information about policy data and insurance-specific trends that we track after years of successfully obtaining insurance policy information. We have expertise in all types of insurance verification including major medical, indemnity, short-term, COBRA, Medicare, Medicaid, CHAMPVA and Tricare.
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