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A new standard of patient care


A small and select list of clients

JDS is not focused on being the largest or most profitable billing and consulting company. Instead, we are focused and dedicated to helping the facilities we partner with truly help their patients. We do this by allowing the facility focus on client care and operations, rather than constantly worry about insurance and billing.




In operation in Southern California since 2014.

Founder James Sewell began working in behavioral health care at a dual diagnosis coed facility in Omaha Nebraska for 5 years. The facility offered all levels of care from Detox – standard outpatient medication management. This facility provided services to hundreds of patients in the area on a daily basis. James was instrumental in developing and growing the facility, at its height managing 3 Psychiatrists, 7 mid level practitioners and 17 therapists. In his time, James performed every job role possible short of prescribing medications, which ultimately landed him as the Director of Operations. Also during that time, he obtained a Masters of Science in Counseling from the University Nebraska at Omaha while maintaining a small case load of clients. James brings this well rounded experience, training, and working knowledge of both operations and client care in a unique and valuable way for JDS Consulting Inc. clients as it provides a working knowledge of all aspects of behavioral health care and how each piece needs to fit together to form a working whole.

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