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At JDS Consulting Inc., our team is like family - and we believe that we have an extraordinary family! Every member of the JDS team brings with them years of experience in their respective fields. We are proud to say that one of our biggest strengths is the experience, strength and collective knowledge of our inter-disciplinary team.

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Our founder and CEO James Sewell moved to Southern California in December of 2014 and founded JDS Consulting Inc. starting as a one-man operation focused on Utilization Review and Consultation services. Since then, JDS Consulting Inc. has grown from that one-man operation with limited services, to the company it is today! Originally having a single client, JDS now provides services for multiple treatment facilities, doctor’s offices, laboratories and more! JDS Consulting Inc. is always growing and adapting to meet the needs of an ever-changing industry.
Originally from Omaha Nebraska, James’s midwestern roots are where he gets his strong sense of moral and ethical business practice along with his tireless work ethic that has shaped and defined every aspect and component of JDS Consulting Inc. Having worked in the behavioral health sector for several years in Nebraska, prior to coming to California. James brings a working knowledge of the entire treatment “puzzle” and how each piece needs to work for the organization to flourish. Since moving to Southern California, he has only continued to expanded his knowledge of the industry and branched out into other areas of medical billing and compliance.
James obtained his Bachelors, as well as his Masters in Counseling degrees from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. James incorporates the skills and knowledge learned through all his experiences, with his passion for helping others improve their lives. James treats all the JDS clients as if they are part of a team, rather than just another client, giving them personal and hands on time and attention.

“JDS Consulting isn’t about being the biggest, or making the most money. It’s about being the best fit and service for our clients. We don’t want 100 clients just trying to make money, we want 10 clients that truly want to help people and make a difference!”



Chief Executive Officer/Founder


Jeff Leanna serves as the Director of the Verification Department. Jeff brings a wealth of experience to JDS from the legal, nonprofit and public policy sectors. Jeff holds a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Nebraska. Active in social justice and LGTBQ organizations, Jeff has served on boards and in leadership positions at the local, state and national level. An avid photographer and disc golfer, Jeff enjoys spending much of his free time with his husband and their daughter.

Director of the Verification Department



Before coming to JDS Consulting, John worked as a substance abuse counselor, case manager, and program director at a number of Behavioral Health/Addiction Treatment facilities.  He brings the same commitment and passion to the work of insurance authorizations as he did to working in the facilities. As a member of the JDS team he also feels strongly that his background in treatment allows him to help facilities operate at the highest level of ethical practice while providing the quality of care needed to help people entering treatment.

“As a person in recovery myself I strongly believe that no matter which facet of the treatment industry someone chooses work in, the health and well being of the client’s should always be the guiding factor.  We are their advocates while they battle the disease of addiction and can never forget that.”

Director of Utilization Review and Clinical Training



Jordyn Zwetzig is a Verification Specialist Team Lead with the Verification Department. Prior to joining JDS, Jordyn worked as a Pharmacy Technician. Jordyn is active in her community as a social justice and behavioral health advocate with several local nonprofit organizations. Jordyn is working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic Psychology. Jordyn is a voracious reader and enjoys spending time outdoors in her free time.

Verification Specialist



Kenneth Young, MA is a graduate of UCLA and Antioch University.  He has worked as a therapist for DCFS at the Central Los Angeles Sexual Abuse Unit, Los Angeles Child Guidance and Child & Family Guidance Center as a bi-lingual therapist and P.A.R.T. co-ordinator.  He has specialized working with seriously disturbed children and adolescents and their families, as well as dual diagnosed clients. Kenneth has extensive experience facilitating Individual, Group and Family therapy sessions.

Utilization Review Specialist



Sarah is one of our UR Specialists in the Utilization Review Department at JDS Consulting Inc. Her primary focus and passion is to provide our clients with the time, knowledge, resources and services they need in order to best serve their clients. Prior to working for JDS, Sarah worked as a Case Manager in treatment facilities in Southern California. The knowledge and personal experience that she gained working in these facilities gives her a strong understanding of what it’s like “on the ground” for our clients and their clinicians. She then uses this understanding to provide accurate, real and WORKABLE solutions for our clients. Sara’s experience at multiple treatment facilities allows her to be adaptable and fit the requirements from insurance into our clients program, rather than fit their program into the insurance requirements. Sarah brings with her a dedication to JDS clients and the clients that they serve that is unmatched. Her focus, is to do the best work that she can for our clients, so that our clients can focus on providing the best care they can to the clients they serve.

Utilization Review Specialist



Windie has worked in the behavioral health industry for 10 years. She has worked with several addiction treatment centers, in both clinical and administrative capacities.  Windie has a passion for behavioral health treatment, and brings her experience working hands-on in those fields to JDS Consulting Inc. She believes strongly that she can help provide a solid structural foundation for operations in behavioral health, allowing facilities and their clinicians to focus on their clients and not the nuances of day to day insurance concerns.

“ I know how vital it is that people facing mental health and addiction disorders have the option to pursue quality treatment. Our aim at JDS is to help behavioral health facilities provide that care, by allowing them the tools and options they need to facilitate the highest quality treatment available.”




Alma was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and moved to the United States at the age 36.  She contributes 18 years of experience in medical billing and claim follow up to the team. Being part of this team of like minded individuals that all strive to provide the best possible care and concern to the clients has given Alma the opportunity to reach for greater heights through expanding her knowledge to the spectrum of Mental Health and Substance Abuse. Alma is excited for any and all opportunities she is given to grow with JDS

Billing Team Specialist


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