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Clinical documentation is the most critical link in providing proof to the insurance company of the treatment being provided.  It is also the record of the client’s progress as they move through their treatment episode. Each level of care has specific criteria for medical necessity.  Initial authorizations and requests for continued stay all rely completely on the documentation proving medical necessity is being met.


 JDS Consulting’s UR and Clinical Services Department provide a wide range of training to ensure that your facilities documentation supports the authorizations being requested.

From an overview of medical necessity, to training on specific documents, i.e intake assessments, group notes, utilization review forms, etc, we can pinpoint any areas that may require attention.  We pride ourselves on working within the system already in place within each individual facility, tailoring our skills to the identified needs of the clinical team.  On site training sessions are available as often as your facility deems necessary. 

JDS Consulting will work closely with your clinicians at each step of your client’s stay at your facility.  We are here to provide support for your treatment team, allowing them to focus on the clients.  The UR specialist assigned to your facility will be reading through your documentation daily and send emails with any concerns the run across.  Open and thorough communication is our standard and we are able to respond quickly to the demands of insurance companies.  

JDS Consulting provides high quality, hands on, clinical training.  Our clinical/UR team has years of experience working in the substance abuse/mental health treatment industry and are ready to help your treatment team with all their needs.

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