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Utilization Review

In an industry that is driven by managed care, medical record documentation is a critical component in the care model and directly impacts your facilities ability to  get services authorized and payed for. JDS take a hands on approach to helping our facilities with their documentation and chart compliance. We help ensure that the importance of the services you work so hard to provide, is clearly and effectively communicated.
Communication is Key 
The JDS Utilization Review team works side by side with your facilities and makes sure that you are informed about your  authorizations. From the pre-screening and estimate of potential authorized days, all the way through appeals, our UR team stays in communication with you and your staff
We Simplify the Process
Obtaining Authorizations can seem full of complications, changes and challenges. We help simplify the process. We also send weekly updates and calendars so that you never have to worry about tracking authorizations on your own.
Laptop Work
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